Block Paving

A wide range of colours and styles of  Block Paving

We use Brett for the exceptional quality of paving, plus product guarantee. Brett are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of high-quality paving products with a large range of paving to suit all requirements.

Because we are an approved installer for Brett paving, the workmanship is guaranteed for five years .

Paving Styles and colours

Alpha and Alpha Circle Block Paving

Alpha style of paving is a driveway classic with a distressed, aged look and is one of the most popular paving styles. It can be in a circular style, or blocked in different patterns.

Alpha and Alpha Circle colours are Autumn Gold, Burnt Oak, Brindle, Charcoal, Silver Haze

  • Alpha circle block paving by Brett Landscaping
  • Alpha block paving by Brett Landscaping

Alpha Flow

Alpha Flow features a special nib to allow surface water to drain between the blocks, and into a specially designed substrate.  Alpha Flow is an ideal solution for permeable paving for a sustainable draining system.

Alpha Flow colours are Autumn Gold, Brindle and Charcoal

  • Alpha flow block paving by Brett Landscaping

Alpha Trio

Alpha Trio mixes up small, medium and large blocks, this modular paving make it easy to create the appearance of a traditional, aged surface as well as reducing waste.

Colours of Alpha Trio Block paving are: Autumn Gold, Brindle, Rustic Bronze and Silver haze

  • Alpha Trio for block paving by Brett Landscaping


Aura provides a perfect courtyard cobble effect  because of its curved shape. The riven surface and delicate sparkle makes it an excellent alternative to granite setts. Using a  Circle Kit, it’s possible to create a wide range of driveway designs.

Colours of Aura Block paving are: Bronze Fleck and Silver Fleck

  • Aura Trio block paving by Brett Landscaping

We are meticulous in our ground preparation because we have a reputation to uphold and want you to be satisfied with our work for many years. We pride ourselves on our reputation, and as a local paving company its not in our interest to carry out sub-standard work. Ground preparation is the most important part of any project. Without the proper preparation and materials it will sink because the top layer of lock/slab/tarmac is not properly supported underneath. Some companies will offer very